site explained – We might have learned about all the websites but Microsoft’s Office site. Let’s give it a look. is a website for the product launched by Microsoft early in 1990. The first app that took Microsoft Office to another level was the Microsoft Office Excel. This app paved a new path for productivity and soon was joined by Microsoft word and powerpoint to form a collective productivity suite, Microsoft Office. This is not one of the best but was doing the job pretty fine, Microsoft silently refined the Office platform as if there was no dull version of it and today it is one of the fastest-growing software in the world. was designed and developed to help sell and support the software as a platform and has been available since then. Microsoft has designed this website in a way that every product is focused on and every product is really in a way that it makes sure that there is no problem in finding any product. This website has a great user interface and is really easy to use. You can find everything in the menu bar and everything is readily available. You do not have to log in to check the products, though you will need to sign up or sign in to make a purchase of any sort. There are other main features of the website too but the best thing about the website is that everything is visible and sorted, Menu is not confined to some products but holds every product in the bar. There is not a lot of text to read from but some brief lines about the product that makes it clear what the Microsoft has in offerings. There is a bottom bar where all the necessary required links are published and the website looks clean and minimal without the color showers. The website is simple to look at and yet special and specific and to the point. there is no garbage on the website and the website is full of content that won’t bore you if you are looking to buy the Office. It also includes many pages with a lot of information for the buyers on what product they want or they should choose. This is not just it but the main and the basic thing that actually is making its way to the top is the plans section of the website. You can simply choose any plan or even customize the plans according to your work and needs or business suitabilities. The text is plain English and has been left simple for every person with low vocabulary count so that you don’t have to find meaning for tough words you don’t know. Though Microsoft recently changed the website’s content to make it look better the older version held a lot of information on the front page. This website was again reintroduced to go with the latest software office 365 and office 2019.

Microsoft changes the website according to the UI of the software, which means if in future Microsoft plans to change the UI of the software they might have to make small changes in the UI of the website. We are not sure how the website actually working and operating but the website is a good work done.