What are Add-ins on Microsoft Word?

Since the beginning of Microsoft, there have been a lot of 3rd party developers, trying to add their functionality to the Microsoft Office and other products. There have been a lot of developments in the world of Microsoft Add Ons. Developers have taken to the world of Microsoft and have been adding great functionality to Microsoft Office to make sure that they don’t leave a function that is required to have on Microsoft Office. We take a dig on the Microsoft Add-in Store to show you what is packed on the Add-Ins Store.

There are a lot of add-ins from the verified developers in the Add-ins Store, the link to the add-ins store is easy to find. You can simply open an app from the Office suite and the link is available under the Insert tab of the menu. There is a section ‘Add-ins’, You will find the Wikipedia add-in on the right and on the left, there is a “Get Add-ins” button and below that there is ‘My Add-ins’ button.

The add-ins button will simply take you to the store where the add-ins are available, and the ‘My Add-ins’ button is where you will find your add-ins that have already been installed in the application. Simple as that the add-in that is already installed the Wikipedia add on is the add-in which lets you search, by clicking on this add-in icon you will open a pane on the right side of your work area and the add-in will let you search information for anything that you search. You can use this to make a quick research on the internet about the topic you are currently working on. This is not just it, there are different plugins that will add functionality to your app, that will make it more functional and importantly this will make sure that you can easily work on your project as fast as you can. There are also some plugins including the text translators. You can also add apps that will let you transfer data from other office apps to a word or any other app you want to. Other apps also add the functionality to change the layout of your Office app and most importantly there are apps that will let you choose your data from a vast variety of online stored data. Not just that there is also a possibility that you can change templates from the apps online.