Select Page Have you been using Excel for a while now, or have you just started using Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 365 recently and you have access to Microsoft Excel or you work on Excel.

Here are 5 Features that you must check right now, Don’t Miss out.

1. Get & Transform - excel - Get and Transform

It simply helps you import data from vast number of areas including Facebook, Saleforge and Other Programs, it is simple to use and will be highly usable and valuable, It can save you a lot of Time. It will let you clean up your data and make it better and tidy.

2. 3D Data Map - Excel - 3D Data Map

Previously an Add In in Excel 2013, but now integrated into the Microsoft Excel 2016. This is one of the best features in Excel to make your work look more professional. It perfectly analyzes data on a global span. You will just need the Location data to use this type of Chart and you will have the full authority on adding your fields to build your picture. You can also use this Over a particular period of time the chart will allow you to record a simulation video showing the change in values over that period.

3. Waterfall Charts - Excel - Waterfall Charts

To show movement from an opening position to a closing position and are fantastic for plotting financial data, such as cash flow over a period of time. This will really show in a great way and improve presentation on your Excel sheet.

4. Power Pivot - Excel - Power Pivot

We can say this is an Add In, and has been in Excel for a long time now. It is a tool used to import in excel, It is really great. On a greater scale you can import data into excel with the help of Power Pivot, Literally importing Millions of Fields into Excel. its own function language, Data Analysis Expression or DAX, and this is where the new features live.

5. Sun burst Charts - Excel - Sun Burst charts

Hierarchy values in a chart? Yes the Sun Burst Charts are here to show that. Analyize Sales of Company and by the salesperson, Here we go, We have sunburst charts to show all of that. Yes you will love it and you will definitely find a way to get into it.