Select Page Blogs: In our last post, we discussed the benefits of a social service desk. By serving customers socially, companies are able to crowdsource answers, share feedback, capture knowledge, recognize top performers and more. Many of our customers are discovering these benefits in their organizations. Let’s take a look at how some of our customers are using Yammer in call centers.

Customer Stories
So what are Yammer’s customers doing with Yammer and how are they using their networks in call centers? We’ve taken some of the best stories, as told to our Customer Engagement team. Here they are!

An Oxfordshire-based company provides outsourced service desk and infrastructure support services to companies in the Fortune 500. Internally they are using Yammer to connect multilingual call agents in global locations and transform the way they deliver support services. Team leaders use Yammer to send daily briefings to the agents to help organize shifts, ensuring staff are available for customers 24/7. Within the services, agents collaborate and share knowledge via Yammer, therefore improving service delivery. They are also working with their customers – some of whom have service desks with hundreds of staff and thousands of end-users – to add Yammer as a social layer to existing service desk models. This has helped to flatten traditional structures, reduce escalations and improve service resolution times, as well foster communities aligned around shared goals. They’ve gone one step further and set up an external customer network designed to improve their relationship with their clients and provide more personal service. Splendid!

A provider of sales and merchandising solutions in South Africa is using Yammer in its service centers to reconnect customers with the reps who were originally helping them if and when their calls are disconnected. By posting the customer name and query in Yammer, they are able to reduce wasted time for both the reps and the customers and create a more streamlined customer experience. Marvelous!

An IT services provider in Belgium that supports local governments is using Yammer to share and discuss urgent technical problems. They have seen faster response times with experts offering advice and colleagues looping in others who have relevant  knowledge. Yammer has also helped employees stay productive while working from home. Because Yammer can be accessed without VPN and through mobile apps, people have the flexibility to work from anywhere and stay connected. Outstanding!

A provider of housing services is using Yammer to help employees quickly get answer by creating an IT group. IT employers can now simply post a question in the group and get answers faster than the traditional way of opening tickets. This has changed the way employees interact with the IT team and improved the way team members interact with one another. But it doesn’t stop there. The IT team has gone the extra mile and now also helps employees with any IT issues they may encounter at home, too. Fantastic!

A major business travel agency is looking to go big with Yammer by getting over 80% of its workforce of 20,000 started with a social service desk. They will be using Yammer to create industry intelligence groups and to connect with preferred suppliers. Industry groups will be created to share insights, news and intelligence related to specific industries. As a result, the teams will be able to quickly share knowledge and gain greater insight into what is happening in the customer industry while also providing a higher level of personalized customer service. A “Preferred Supplier Network” has been created as a Yammer external network to enable employees to connect directly with preferred suppliers such as airline and hotel chains. A different supplier is featured each month, providing an opportunity for the supplier to improve awareness of their products and services and for employees to ask questions directly to the supplier. Some suppliers also run competitions during the month. The result is that employees gain greater knowledge about a supplier’s products and services and can provide better service through informed flight and hotel recommendations. Fantastic!

A major transportation provider based in Europe is shaking up how this company provides IT services for its employees. The mandate was easy: how can we reduce the number of calls being made to the IT service desk while increasing the quality of service provided to our end users? Today the organization estimates that it costs €15 per call made to the help desk. Since the team receives thousands of calls per year, even a small percentage of calls could help reduce costs significantly. The team created an IT forum group where people can post questions and search for answers before calling the help desk. The team is eager to see how this will impact overall call volumes and  costs. Amazing!

How you can get started today?
So how can your organization can benefit from the Social Service Desk? We’ve taken the experiences of all our customers worldwide and outlined three easy steps that your help desk or call center can start using Yammer:
 1. Get started by creating a  group such as “IT Forum,” or simply “Help Desk”
 2.  Add useful and relevant documents or content
 3.  Add people to the group and start Yammering!

Congrats, you’ve just created the foundation of your Social Service Desk!

We hope these stories inspire your organization to start working social. But there’s even more you can do with Yammer. You can build an entire service desk ecosystem that integrates your call center system into Yammer, or build an entire community-based service approach for fielding first line requests before tickets are opened. If you’re interested, we’d love to talk to you to and help make that happen. Reach out to our Customer Success Managers to find out more!

This blog was created in collaboration with Marta Texidor and Yammer’s Customer Engagement team.

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