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Aston Martin wanted to maintain its concentration on building luxury sports cars and provide thier employees with the latest technology, so they opted for Office 365

Aston Martin is a 105-year-old start up and after more than a century of creating the most luxurious and fast paced cars, it’s time to plan something new for the next century. To maintain its focus on building lavish sports cars, Aston Martin looked for the best ways to provide employees with the latest collaboration capabilities, without expanding thier IT administration and that’s where Microsoft comes in to power the next hundred years of exquisite cars from Aston Martin.

“We have employees based in regional offices in a number of countries around the world, and they expect to be able to connect to their email or other services from anywhere, at any time, and from any device,” says Daniel Roach-Rooke pointing at the Microsoft’s Office, IT Infrastructure Manager at Aston Martin.

In 2011, when Aston Martin heard about the cloud based offerings of Microsoft Office such as email, communications and collaboration capabilities along with the Microsoft Office suite, Aston Martin saw an opportunity to expand its current productivity tools without shifting the IT department’s focus away from higher-value projects. Office 365 proved to be the best alternative.

“Cloud-based communication and collaboration tools from Microsoft are a logical extension of the qualities that make Aston Martin such a resilient yet disruptive brand. We are a small company, which I see as a great strength. With the right combination of world-class tools and passionate people, we bring a responsive, agile element to the luxury car business that larger companies can’t. This is where cloud productivity services from Microsoft are an ideal match, enhancing our close-knit, collaborative culture to drive innovation. We use Office 365 to move quickly, taking new concepts to market with record speed or reacting to news and tweaking communication strategies the day before a motor show,” this was written by Andrew Palmer, chief executive officer of Aston Martin Lagonda.

By adopting Office 365, the Aston Martin IT department can use to continue their pursuit of automotive perfection. Roach-Rooke says, “Office 365 is fully managed; we don’t have to worry about it. We don’t think about storage, capacity, security, external access, or downtime. It’s a real luxury and it gives our employees the technology they need to drive the business forward.”

“To help deliver every car on time and on budget, Aston Martin runs its business on Office 365”
Simon Sproule: Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.