You might be using office for professional work, or maybe for personal work. Or just for writing. We are here to tell you how you can using different devices for different situations.

There is a lot of fuss about using a Microsoft Office on your PC or MAC but can’t you just simply use the Office for viewing documents on the Tablet or on your phone on the go.

If you run a company and you have to view the projects and don’t have much time to go to the office and see every file on your computer because you are on the go all the, you can simply skip the laptop and install your Office on your Tablet and simply ask your employees to drop all the files on your cloud and then you can simply evaluate everything and go easy on yourself by saving some time by skipping office.

If you are a writer and there is a need to be on the system for a long time and you want to be comfortable with the work you are doing. You can simply use a lightweight laptop or a slim book and install office on it and simply be comfortable where-ever you want to. You can sit in the garden and write about everything you want to or simply sit under the blanket to get the best thoughts you want to write.

If you are mostly into presentation work then you can simply use a laptop or a computer to make beautiful presentations, you can also make beautiful presentations of tablets but that won’t be as beautiful as the presentation you have created on the laptop or PC.

Now, If you are running a small stock-based business or an establishment of a stock-based company and you need to keep stock on excel or simply use inventory management on access, you need to have a full-fledged PC or MAC Computer to run it all smoothly. There should be a good backup power source and the one working on the stocks should have the precise knowledge of the Office suite.

There are a lot of uses of Microsoft Office that can only be used on the Microsoft Office for PC/MAC but has also the possibility of using all that on your Phone via the cloud but it is always better to work with the Office Suite.