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Know About our Features

Office is one of the best productivity tools available in the market and you can get it from and purchase it with your credit or debit card. If you do not have a credit card, you can also use PayPal to purchase Office.

Office on Cloud.

Office is not just on your device but you can access your office from the cloud too. Office’s latest web applications, based on the cloud are really amazing to work with when you are always moving and on the go. You do not need to carry huge hard disks or high configuration PC or a laptop to have office run on it. You can simply open any device that supports office and use the browser to work with office from Not just that, but there are many things that will make sure that you do not have to pay anything extra for that feature. Office on cloud is easily available with any office 365 subscription and you can purchase it from, also you can choose according to your plans and pricing.

Getting started with Office is really easy and amazing in itself. You do not need to struggle with it, you can easily purchase office and start using it on any device that you own. This is not it, you can also buy Office according to the plans and pricing.

Pen Support for Office.

Office is one of the most used software for productivity by many corporates and Multinational companies. Office has always been a choice for people who want professional work and after the introduction of Pen and Stylus enabled devices, Office is supported by almost every device that is stylus enabled even the new Galaxy Note 20. The stylus or the pen adds functionality to your Office like no other. It will give you the immense capability to showcase you on go presentation work, highlight your work, and everything that you want to do with it. This is as good as a digital presentation can ever get. You can use the trial version to check how it works. Also If you buy devices with free office, you can easily enable pen support.