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In PowerPoint, you can connection to a page, email address, document, slide in a similar introduction, and slide in an alternate introduction. You can do the greater part of this utilizing two apparatuses called hyperlinks and activity catches.

In this lesson, you will figure out how to embed hyperlinks utilizing content and protests, and additionally how to embed an activity catch.

Embeddings hyperlinks

Survey the hyperlink

In PowerPoint, hyperlinks end up dynamic in Slide Show see. When you see the slide in Slide Show see, you’ll see that the pointer transforms into a hand as it draws nearer to the hyperlink. The hand pointer demonstrates that the content or protest can be clicked. Since this content is naturally organized uniquely in contrast to other content on the slide, the hand pointer is most valuable for hyperlinks that utilization a question, for example, a photo or shape.

In the event that you float over the hyperlink, a ScreenTip will show up on the off chance that you made one when you embedded the hyperlink. Tap the hyperlink to open the site page if the PC is associated with the Internet.

ScreenTip Example

To embed a hyperlink to a slide in a similar introduction:
  • Select the content or protest you need to use as a hyperlink. In this case, we will utilize content.

Text Hyperlink

  • Select the Insert tab.
  • Tap the Hyperlink summon in the Links gathering. The Insert Hyperlink exchange box will show up.

Hyperlink Command

  • On the off chance that you utilize content for the hyperlink, the Text to show handle will seem dynamic in the exchange box. The content you select on the slide will show up in this field.

Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box

  • Snap Place in this Document to connection to a slide in the present introduction. The substance of the Insert Hyperlink exchange box will change, and a rundown of slides in the introduction will show up.

Place in this Document

  • Look through the rundown.
  • Select the slide you need to connection to from the hyperlink. A thumbnail picture of the slide will show up in the Slide see region.

Choose Slide

  • Choose whether you need to include a ScreenTip.
  • To embed a ScreenTip:

1.Snap ScreenTip. The Set Hyperlink ScreenTip exchange box will show up.

2.Enter the tip content.

3. Snap OK in the Set Hyperlink ScreenTip exchange box.

  • Snap OK to close the Insert Hyperlink exchange box.

View the slide in Slide Show view, and tap the hyperlink to see the chose slide.

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