How to install office in 2020

To set up a new Microsoft Office, there are few pre-requests which we must have to fulfil earlier, i.e., user required an active high-speed internet connection and required storage within disk space to install it. Before pursuing further kindly make sure the availability of these two things.

After marking pre-requests done, via internet browser access Office website and from their Office Setup page (, when the page will be loaded, 3 step’s hierarchy will come in front of you, which leads you to the setting-up Office. At first step, it will ask you to “Sign In/Create a new account”. You need to sign-in outlook or office365 account to go to the next step. But if you don’t have an outlook account, you need to create a new account at

 After signing in the account, it asks you to enter your 16 digits licensed product key. If you don’t have a product key, you have to select “I don’t have” option. And it takes you to packages/plans window. From there you will choose the best suitable plan for you, it has both Business, Personals plan. You have to select a plan which will best address your requirements. You have to purchase Microsoft Office to continue further if you don’t buy it earlier. When you buy Microsoft Office, it will give you a 16 digits product key. Kindly save it somewhere for future uses. You need to put that product key in step 2. And press Continue button.

In the 3rd step, it shows you some other products of google which you may need. If you don’t need any of it, you simply have to press the “skip” button in the bottom left corner. It will take you within your Microsoft Office portal.

In that portal, it gives you two option

  1. To work online within that portal
  2. Also, to download and install Microsoft office within your PC.

If you want to work, online that portal have Microsoft Office as a Service option for you. For which you only need a device and an active internet connection. With that, you will access your files and Office from anywhere, anytime and from any device. It will be your cloud access.

The 2nd option which Microsoft provides you is to download Microsoft Office within your PC and to download you have to click at “Get Office” button found within the extreme right corner of the window. When you click at that button, your download will start. That downloading’s efficiency will be depending at your internet speed.

After the download has completed, open that downloaded installer file from your “file manager”. An installation window appears at your display screen. Click at Install Office button. You will receive an alert from your computer. You need to allow and give permissions to install to your Operating System. It may require your PC password to install. And Microsoft Office installation process gets started.

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