We are going through a pandemic and this is not going to end soon. We have to improvise and adapt to this whole pandemic situation. Businesses and workplaces have turned silent and haunted. There is no way one can help but stay home and work from home. Most businesses have adapted to work from home and are working fine with it. But there are still small businesses that actually work from home with low manpower and have to adapt accordingly. There is no big infrastructure for small business, thus companies like Microsoft help small businesses by providing support and extended access.

Much small business have adapted to using Microsoft Office for their work to make sure that they keep going through this pandemic. Microsoft Office is financially affordable software for small businesses as the plans and packages are customizable and are easily affordable with the choice to select your own application from the office suite that you require to fill in your needs.

Microsoft Office is easily available online and with the vast extensions store and the amount of customizability you get from it. You can easily work from home with this software. This is one of the best used and the best software with the easy User interface.
This software is used by many and can be deployed at home and at the workplace.

Work from home since this pandemic has evolved with Microsoft office applications as people are getting extended support from Microsoft and extended access to some applications, even some of the applications have been provided free for use during this pandemic. Microsoft Teams has been a major player in the private and government sectors to play during this pandemic. Microsoft Teams is one of a kind software that lets you manage your teamwork while staying at home. You will get work from home experience with this whole thing. Another software that has taken been used a lot during this pandemic is Skype, It has been the main software for video conferencing for a long time and people have not changed their interest during this pandemic, however, classrooms and other users have switched to ZOOM app but some of the governments have called it “Not Secure” application and has even been banned in some places. There are many other applications that are being used during this pandemic but Microsoft Office remains the main player for many factors and mainly because it is a secure and safe platform to work from home.