Microsoft Office has recently launched a whole new application on Android and iOS platforms, available globally. This application has a whole new take on Microsoft Office. You can also download the application from the Play Store or the app store to check out the latest experience.

Microsoft Office in App Store.
Microsoft Office in iOS App Store

The new application Office ( – is a whole new experience for the office users as it combines all the applications and makes it easier to switch between applications like Word, Access or PowerPoint, or any other included application. This go-to application is very clean in design and the User Interface is really easy to use for the professionals and even the first time users. Though there is no requirement of high experience to use Office application but this application makes it effortless and easier to use.

The new application, Office ( is far less in size, thus it will take far less space on your device and will make it smoother and easier to use and won’t be stuck or hanged because of being bulky. This application takes storage to the next level because of the clean style and minimalism, continuing the beauty of Office on smartphones too.

It also maintains the difference between the applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and excel, virtually while being a single application that can be used under one main application. This application will specifically let you organise your files in different sections as per the application you are using without messing up the work that you have done. You will preferably get to choose your storage, as you might want to use it on cloud or on your local phone storage, making it easier to access your files from anywhere via the cloud or securing your confidential files on your local phone storage. This also defines that Microsoft has prioritized phone storage and cloud storage.

Also, Microsoft has given your phone camera a new life with the power under new lens features, Now you can convert your photos into editable word, excel and pdf files. You can now easily scan PDFs and virtual boards to make sure that there is no requirement of third party applications to do that for you. You can easily sign pdf’s and word documents within your device and transfer files within your device as easily as it was to transfer other files.

In a whole, this new application by Microsoft is a hit already as the Microsoft said that they have got 10K hits in few hours of Apple’s test flight program and the response from the users on social media and forums, is amazing and encouraging and has been a positive experience till now. Not just that but Microsoft is now looking forward to expanding the Mobile experience with newer updates and greater possibilities of Adding new and advanced features including the AI features into their newer updates.

As this is still a very new application there is a huge possibility of Bugs to be found in the application but that is not that new of a thing and will be taken out with every new update. The security and safety of the data and the customer are taken into the highest consideration but we can not comment on how secure this application is.

You can also purchase your Microsoft Office application from for setup and get started with the latest features from Office.