Microsoft Office and the Competiton in 2021

Microsoft Office has been leading the Productivity market for a long time now and there has been no promising candidate against Microsoft office. Though we have seen many big companies like Apple, Create there own Productivity software as an alternative for Microsoft Office.

But the biggest problem every competitor faces when they come against face to face with Microsoft Office is the features and the level of trust that Microsoft has gained from there customers. Microsoft Office is a sorted and a pretty simple software for most of the people and for most of the experts it is working as fine as it could. There are features that are not available in most of the competition softwares and have a lot of features that need real important improvement. You can also see a lot of people complaining about Office too but Microsoft Office is always listening and improving and that is why people are getting the best out of a software that they want.

Why are not people switching to other softwares and competition?

Well, The answer is pretty simple and there is not much to think about it. Office is simple, easy to use and quite user friendly and has one of the best support access for its customer. Not to mention the prices are pretty fine too. There are alot of the thing that competition is not able to keep up with.

The Base of Microsoft has always been softwares and being a big company that is established and has customer base across the world is really making it easy for Microsoft to take it all in and come up with a great software. Also, we must remember the biggest arm against the Competition is the Windows that is run on most of the machines in the world. Almost every next PC and Laptop has a Windows installed on it which makes it very easy for Microsoft to dive into softwares that they have introduced with Microsoft Office. Not that Mac users do not use Office, they also use Office as it has been established the most reliable productivity software.

What do we mean by Productivity Software?

Well, Productivity has a lot to put inside it, the basic thing is that Microsoft Office has been categorised by us as a productivity software because all the productivity work in offices or home or even at any business place is categorised as productivity. Be it making a Beautiful presentation for Work or for school, Office is packed with features and tools that will let you do your work easily without any professional help.

Microsoft Office is not just putting the money where the mouth is but is also making sure that the software they are selling has best in class support and is also easy to learn. Even when you install office for the first time, you won’t struggle to use any of the apps in the package. This is why Office is one of the best software available in the market right now.

What about 2021?

As office was a major player in mitigating COVID-19 as it had video calling and teams app for work for home environment which helped a-lot during COVID-19 Pandemic, This is why there is a-lot of scope for office in future, the 2021. Office is really going to make big announcements and we might even see the change in User interface as we are hoping to see major windows Interface changes. There is not a lot of scope as any competitor who wants to grow in this field needs to work on how to crush the trust or even build up their own trust to tackle the whole market and make sure that they are doing everything that they can to present their software as the best in the market. Not just that, But Microsoft has helped people during this pandemic by providing free and extended access and that has gained more trust and faith from many new customers.