– Microsoft Office has been a part lives around the world for a long time and it is the responsibility of Microsoft to take care of everything that needs to be done during this pandemic to help people around the globe.

As all the companies around the globe are helping in this pandemic, Microsoft has also taken few steps to help its community around the world to make sure that they are contributing equally. Microsoft has opened its software base that can help in coronavirus lockdowns around the globe for people working from home. Microsoft’s Office divison has set unprecedented record to open up softwares like group calling application Skype to all and also has opened up Microsoft Teams to all the people around the globe.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has also sent a global note to its employees that says.

Responding to COVID-19 together

Note: Below is an email I sent to Microsoft employees today.
Team, COVID-19 is impacting everyone around the world and every aspect of our daily lives: our social interactions, our family life, our communities, and, of course, how all of us work at Microsoft… Here is the full note.

Satya Nadella

Satya also shared a link to the Jhon Hopkins Universities Dashboard for COVID 19 Real time case updates. Link

COVID 19 has impacted our lives hard and has taken up all the development process that has been going on for years and world has actually come to a halt physically, economically and more. This is not something that most people have seen for the first time but for major population this is the first time this whole thing is happening. So to make things easier people have started to put efforts in every possible way to make life easier during this pandemic. Microsoft has also advised most the staff to work from home. Microsoft is extending technical support to all its software line up. Microsoft has also made sure that it will try and revise the pricing during this pandemic, though the report about the pricing is un confirmed but we still believe that Microsoft might want to consider reducing the pricing during this pandemic.

Microsoft has also extended access to its educational based software. Minecraft educational edition, Flipboard, Skype and Microsoft Teams. These softwares are used most in the line up during the pandemic. Apart from this Microsoft has made sure that people around globe are assured that they won’t be taking security easy and will make sure that security of their customers is of utter importance. Not just that, Microsoft is updating the security, privacy and safety of their software line up to make sure that there is not data leaks or bugs hurting the privacy of the customers.

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