– We all are going through tough times and we need look at it the way everyone is looking at this pandemic. We took a closer look at how companies and people are managing work from home to compensate all the loses due to this situation.

We spoke to a couple of CEO’s to know how are they working in these difficult times. A local company said, “We need to work, no matter what happens and we are a small business, if we do not work, we will have to shut down even if the lock down is lifted. We used to work with Microsoft Office but management was easier when you have your team infront of you. In these times, Microsoft Office has helped and only helped with this whole thing. I never realised there is a software like that of Microsoft Teams. This is really a great software and i love it. I am easily able to work from home as interaction with my team is much easier and i love the way it can be used. We are doing great with this.”.

Another company said, “We are really grateful of Microsoft Office, because it is one of the best softwares in times of Pandemic. We tried many softwares for our Team but none turned out to be like we wanted it to be. Microsoft Office was easier. All i did was a text on how to install office with and that was it and everybody was ready to go with it. I loved it. I loved the way this was done. I am really grateful of Microsoft office and Microsoft teams that we are again back to work and managing work as it is. I love the way it has been designed”.

Many people were happy that they can still work even after being in a lockdown due to pandemic and this is really a great thing to have. People love the way this software is designed and letting them work from home. People have nothing to do in these times and if there is no work they will completely lose it, So we want to have such softwares and we expect a-lot from Microsoft and Microsoft Teams is all about peoples expectations coming to life.

If you have not started working from home yet and are still looking for new ways to work from home and interact with your team. You can download Microsoft Office teams from or simply download the Office 2020 or subscribe to Office 365 at