What is office.com/setup?

Microsoft Office has grown since the beginning, it has become everything from nothing. Office has actually taken over a lot of the market and is growing and taking over other markets too. It is not just the features but the security and the name “Microsoft” itself is a really good thing.

office.com/setup, What is the purpose of this website.

There are a lot of product key fudging and product key stealing going on for other softwares and the registry is easily editable by software pirates and they do know how to get you under the trap. This is one of the most import things Microsoft has focused on.

This website makes the Office:

  • Secure.
  • Safe.
  • Reliable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to Setup.

There are a lot of features in Microsoft Office that makes it a really good software to use for work, education or business purposes.


office.com/setup is a website designed and developed by Microsoft in order to make the software experience better and good. This website also makes your product purchase secure and safe.

Here are some parts and features of the website explained:

  • This website initially redirects to a secure website from www.office.com/setup to https://setup.office.com/?ms.officeurl=setup this is a secure url. This won’t record your information.
  • As you know this is a Microsoft Website, the top bar of the website contains a Microsoft Logo that “on-click” goes to a Microsoft website.
  • On the right side of the Microsoft Logo, there is a menu, with menu items:
  1. Microsoft 365
  2. Contact support
  3. Read the FAQ
  4. Provide feedback
  • To the extreme right of the menu, there is a drop down menu “ALL MICROSOFT”, this has all the Microsoft Links on it.
  • Now the two menu items are Search and Sign In.

After the top header, there is main content on the website, which defines the main motive of the website. To know more about how to download and setup office visit www.office.com/setup