Select Page – You might have noticed that there are alot of website that are providing Office setup on your PC/MAC.

We are also among those website. There are some website that actually belong to Microsoft and Some don’t. While many website try to resell Microsoft Office, Others are totally different than what a reselling websites look like. Some website are also set up to provide Information about office.
Most websites with the title or and Office Setup Help are tech support websites. Website that are third party and are not related to Microsoft in anyway.

Microsoft has made it clear that, Microsoft Office does not partner with any website or company for Support and Stuff Related to Support. Microsoft Office is one of best softwares and possibly with the highest number of sales in its category. Office is Also good for productivity and other stuff related to it.

So, These tech support websites tend to make revenue out of this advantage using the keywords that is provided on activation cards and purchase orders, and Once the customer visits a tech support website, they might not notice but the website is all about providing information related to Office installation and often has a toll free number with a message requesting people to call on that number to setup office. Which makes it clear that the customer is calling by his own consent. Though most of the website do not request any data from the customer as it is illegal to request or take any data from the customer but some customer with a money page ask for Data like email, phone number and Product key which makes it easy to show wrong errors and prove the legitimacy of the illegitimate business.

Beware not all the websites are trying to scam or bully you. Some websites are out there to provide help without showing wrong errors and fixing the actual problem.