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Learn how to Setup Office on Your Computer.

Setting up MS Office is easy, follow the latest updated 2018 Steps on How to install Office on your computer and Get Started with Office Setup.

Follow the steps to get started with MS Office Setup(all versions)

  1.  Open the browser of your computer (Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Other) you use to surf the internet.
  2. In the URL bar, type or
  3. The page loaded has two buttons on it. “Sign In” “Create a New Account”.
  4. If you have a new office subscription and have never created a MS Account Click on the Create a New Account Button or else you can Sign in with your old MS Account.
  5. After you sign in, You might need to Put in your Product key (if the product is bought online, this step is not required.) to verify and Setup Office
  6. Once your key and other credentials are verified, Your Product will be activated and you will be redirected to MS Office download Page.
  7. Once the download is Complete, You can click on Run file to get Started with MS Office Installation.
  8. The Installation window will guide you through the important and regular steps and your Office will be installed on your computer.

Learn how to repair errors and warnings

You might be getting Errors on you PC/MAC while installing Office on your computer. This guide will help you to go through the errors and warnings, that might occur while installing Office.

Errors and Warnings while Installing Office

  1.  Error Code 30068-4 (3) while installing Office Pro 2016
  2. Error code 3-4 when installing Office
  3. Office 365 installation error code 12007-4
  4. Office Installation Error Code 0-1011
  5. Office Installation Failed Error code 3088-1015
  6. Office Can’t be Installed Error Code 30183-1011
  7. Office installation Fail Error Code 0-1005
  8. Office Installation Error 30094-4
  9. Office Failed to Install 30015-6
  10. Office Installation Not Possible due to Error Code 30016-4
  11. Office Installation window closes automatically while installation.
  12. Office Cannot install on your PC due to unknown error.
  13. Could not install Office due to low space.
  14. Office Installation successful, still showing Activate now.
  15. Installed Office Trail
  16. Office Setup Closed due to no internet connection
  17. Office Key not available.
  18. Product key not verified.
  19. Product key already Redeemed.


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