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Microsoft’s Response to COVID-19.

Learn about how Microsoft is helping during this COVID 19 Pandemic.

Microsoft Office has been a great multi-purpose use productivity software for many people. Over the years, users have illegally downloaded Microsoft Office. This is why Microsoft has come up with solutions online to make the user safe and secure for customers and for Microsoft.   

Is Installation Required?

Installing Microsoft Office is required when you want to use Office on your device offline at all times. If you want to run the Cloud version of Microsoft Office, logging in to the online version is sufficient, you do not need to install Office on your desktop.

Your software defining the new productivity with fun.

  1. Go-to for office setup.
  2. Sign In or Create a New Account.
  3. Enter and Redeem Product Key.
  4. Download office setup.
  5. Run office setup wizard.
  6. Finish wizard and Run Office Apps.

Why Office?

Since the release of Office in 1988, the software has been a companion for many users. Creating scientific articles in Word, beautiful presentations, or a smart set of Excel Sheets, Microsoft Office has the right tool for that. Businesses over the world use Office to perform presentable and professional work. Whenever the result is flawless, you may assume it’s done with Microsoft office. Which is what we offer you too – research and learnings for Microsoft Office 2020 and Office 365.


It is simple to reset your password if you have forgotten your password.

  1. Go-to
  2. Click Sign In. 
  3. On the bottom right, click forgot password. 
  4. Follow the verification of your Account and reset your password.
NOTE: We are not Microsoft and we do not provide support for Microsoft Office or any office Product, This website is purely for Information and Research Purpose. Please do not attempt any calls or contact requests for Support on Microsoft Office Products.

How to install and setup office:

Before installing Microsoft Office, we need to check and verify some pre-requests checklist of the system. This might affect our work performance while using it, it might also give some errors while setting up office.

Office Setup Check List:

  1. Review system requirements for the software. And make sure your system meets them adequately.
  2. An active Internet connection. (An active internet connection is needed for downloading software packages as well as while setting up the office.)
  3. An Outlook Account, Any Account that you use for Microsoft Services.

Downloading Office software:

  1. If you have already downloaded Office software, you can skip this part.
  2. Go to “”.
  3. Click the Sign-in option to Sign in with your Microsoft Account, or Create a new Account.
  4. Select the Office Plan which addresses your needs best.
  5. After selecting a plan, it gives you the option to use the Office utilities online.
  6. Go-to Install Office option and download the Office software for your system.

Setting-up Office on a Mac:

Follow the step’s below to install Office on the Mac:

  1. When the download is completed, go to files and double click the “Microsoft Office Installer.pkg”. (An installation window appears at your Mac screen.)
  2. Click the Continue Button from here. It takes you to the “Licenses” tab.
  3. Review the software License and select Continue.
  4. Review the “Terms & Conditions” followed by clicking agree, if agreed to proceed further.
  5. Choose your installation priority, either Custom or Complete Package and click Continue.
  6. Select the location of where you want to save the installation . Click install.
  7. The software begins to install. Close the installation window when completed.

Your Microsoft Office is ready to assist you within your Mac Book.

Getting Started with Microsoft Office:

Follow the step’s below to set up the Microsoft Office:

  • Click the Start button.
  • From here, select Microsoft Office product.
  • Licensing file appears.
  • Review the license and select “I agree.” if agreed.
  • It requires you to sign-in your Outlook Id.
  • Sign-in your Outlook Id, it got activated, and your office is ready to use.
  • You will adjust your Office priorities and settings as per your requirements.
  • For the time of usage, you are asked to adjust your Office priorities and settings as per your requirements.

Setting up Office on a Windows:

Follow the step’s below to install Office on the Windows:

  • When the download is completed, go to files and double click the “Microsoft Office Installer.exe”. (An installation window appears at your pc screen.)
  • An alert appears on your computer screen. Asking you: “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your Device?”, select Yes.
  • It shows you the option to select the required package to install. Select either: Complete Package or Custom Package.
  • Installation begins.

Your Microsoft Office is ready to assist you within your Windows Pc.


If you want to make changes to the billing settings of your Office account, you can easily do so by visiting your Microsoft Account or simply go to Go to My Account, click on the tab Billings. Here you will find your existing billing details. Make changes to your payment method. You can add new cards for payment and change billing details too. 

Office Product Key

is one of the most important parts of the Microsoft Office Environment. Office product key is the registration key that is included with your Office Product. It makes sure that you do not lose the subscription.  

The Office Product Key is usually provided with the package that your Office is stored in. It can be a CD, DVD, or an Email. If you have purchased Office from a local store you can find the product key on the backside under the product bar code. 

However, If you have made the purchase online and the product is linked with your email, you most probably don’t need a product key. However, if you’re being asked for a Product Key during installation, you can find the Product Key in your email that you used to make the purchase from.

Why do I need Office on my device?

Office is the most used productivity suite, it has all the major applications in the world such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It is one of the best in the world and it is used on every platform. Office can help you with a lot of work both personal as professional

Is setting up Office easy?

Yes, setting up Office is easy. All you have to do is:
·      Visit office setup website.
·      Sign in to or create a new Microsoft Office account
·      If necessary fill in your Product key
·      Select your country, region, and language.
·      Hit next  

You will now be directed to a page where you need to select your purchased subscription select Install and the Office setup with start downloading on your pc/mac or any device.
Once that is done, you can now run the downloaded file that you have just installed and get started with the Office setup wizard. After that, you can open any Office app and use it.

What is

It is a website or a microsite, designed and developed by the Microsoft Office team under main site for Office software. This site is created to setup your Office software and to redeem your product. The website makes sure that your product is secure after you have purchased it.

What is

My Account or is a microsite that helps you manage your Office Account. You can manage your subscriptions and other things here without any hesitation these websites are secured and safe.

This website is purely for information and research purposes. We are NOT Microsoft, we are not affiliated with Microsoft, and we DON’T provide technical support for any Microsoft Office products.


Here is the D.I.Y Guide for Office

The following Steps will guide you on how to uninstall Office on your PC/MAC.


  1. Log In to Windows.
  2. Go to Start Menu and Type Control Panel.
  3. Find Add or Remove Programs. Click to open.
  4. A list of Installed programs on your PC will show up.
  5. Find Office and Click Change/Remove.
  6. Follow On-Screen uninstallation Wizard.


  1. Your Office is installed in Applications.
  2. Open finder.
  3. On the Left Pane, Find Applications and Open it.
  4. A list of Installed applications on your mac will appear.
  5. Find and Select your Office Applications.
  6. Drag your Selected Applications to Trash or Right Click and Select Move to the trash option. You’re Done.

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  1. Go-to for office setup.

    Step 1 for or

    Open any browser, visit website. This website is specifically built to guide you through the Office installation process.

  2. Sign In or Create a New Account.

    Step 2 for

    On the Office setup website, you will see 2 buttons; Sign In and Create a new account. You can choose whatever suits your convenience. If you have purchased the Office software online and already have a Microsoft Office Account, you can Log in with your existing account, or you can create a new account

  3. Enter and Redeem Product Key.

    Step 3 for

    If you have logged in with your Existing Microsoft Account, and you have used that account to purchase office online, you most probably won’t need a product key and you will be redirected to the product download page, You can skip step 4 if you have purchased a new office from a local store and you have a 25 Digit Product key. You will need to enter the key and select your country/region and language.

  4. Download office setup.

    step 4 for

    Once you have entered your product key and other information, Your product key will be verified and you will be guided to the next page. Here you will see your product and subscriptions. You can click on the Install button right next to your subscription information. Your product setup will start downloading.

  5. Run office setup wizard. step 5

    Your file is downloaded, now you just need to click on that file and run it. You can manually run it from your download folder too. Next, you will get a prompt from your Operating system, click Agree and next. Your installation will start.

  6. Finish wizard and Run Office Apps.

    step 6 for

    Wait for the installation process to complete, once it is complete you will receive the message on your screen “You’re All Set” on the installation window. Now click finish and open any Office application. You will get a walk through the window and you will get a message that your Office is installed and activated.