Paid Office Subscription vs Cracked Office Subscription

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You might have noticed that there are alot of people using a cracked and a free version of the office subscription. They are left out on alot of things and this article is specifically about that.

Microsoft Office is a very old software which was started a long time back and this is how it got so big, in the earlier days, Microsoft Office was sold on very low prices and then the prices were eventually increase with the increase in features and tools. But that did not stop people from buying a new version and some people thought that the software was not worth the price.

Everytime a software comes out it becomes the target of piracy and infringement. Though Microsoft and other software companies have always made effort to make sure that they create a better and a nice way to sweep the hackers and pirates but it is not that easy. There are millions of users for office, so are the hackers.

Ransomware is easily injected into your computer with Pirated Softwares.

How do these hackers/pirates operate?

Pirating a software is not easy but once it is out it is really hard to shut down or to find a way to stop the pirated software from being further spread. It is obviously great loss to company that is selling that software, and it generates very little to very high profits for pirates. So these pirates buy a software from a company legally and then decompile it or in some cases just remove the registry or insert a patch in the registry that stops it from being registered in the online systems of the developer companies. So what this actually does is that it creates a loop hole for company to find out if the software that this person who has downloaded a pirated software is activated or not. The pirates simply delete the part of the software that wont let you use the software without activating.

These hackers and pirates make sure that they put ads and surveys on their websites to generate revenue before you download the software. This makes way for them to further buy more software and create new pirates. This pirated software in most cases is bugged, and has security flaws and leads you to vulnerability in your computer. That puts you to risk of being hacked more often. This is also a risk to your network and passwords, as the hacker or the pirate might have put some bugs in the software or any kind of file that will let them use or steal your data in the future. So it is quite clear that you should not download pirated software.

When you download a pirated software, you are subjected not to have any updates or anything to do with the company that has developed the software, and if you try to contact the company for support, in most of the countries you will be arrested for using a pirated software. Because this is completely not legal and you will have to pay a good price for it.

Upon using a pirated software, you might be losing out on Important security fixes, important updates and new features that are put over the air for customers and this is a really important thing. This can also put you to the risk of losing your work that you have been doing on this pirated software. We also tested a pirated and a paid software and in most case the pirated Microsoft Office was a little slow and buggy and had many errors and was not running properly while as the regular paid subscription was running really fine and was great to work on.

In conclusion, you might want to use a pirated software to save some money but from the point you start visiting websites to find a pirated software, you are at great risk of losing your computer access and losing your data, A pirate can plug Ransomware through the pirated software and you will lose your important work.