– You have been using Microsoft Word for a long time and there is a good chance that you do not know about features that are just a click away but hidden. This is something you really should know about. Here are some features you want to check out before typing your next masterpiece.

  1. Focus mode:
    When writing or reading a document in word, you might get distracted by the buttons or the colors around the menu pane. You can easily switch to the focus mode and the document will turn to be in the full-screen mode. You can now easily read or write your document.
    This feature is located on the bottom right corner of your word window. There are other reading and writing modes too.
  2. Freestyle Writing:
    You have the best way to make sure that you do not need to precisely place your cursor. You can simply double click anywhere you want to write and voila! it is done for you. The AI processes the double click to make sure that you can write anywhere on the document as per your requirement.
  1. Table to Graph Conversion:
    You don’t need to sweat when it comes to turning the tables into graphs. It is not a big deal when you are using Microsoft Word. Under the Insert tab, Find Object tool and in the Object dialogue box, use the Microsoft Graph Chart and it will turn your tabular data into an Informative presentable graph.
  2. Equation:
    You do not need to write an equation on a paper and insert the image in a word file. There is an inbuilt feature that lets you write the Equation in Microsoft word. Just go to the Insert menu, after that you can select Equation and Insert New equation. The shortcut to this is “Alt + =”.
  3. Clipboard:
    Yes, that is one of the most important features. Just press “Ctrl + C(twice)” and you can see all the items that you have copied. this clipboard holds enough copied items. Including images and screenshots, you can quickly use these images in your document.

There are a lot of other features that require your attention while writing a document, that can make your document beautiful and way more presentable. You might be missing out on features.
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