Microsoft Office has been around for a long time and with the best updates and great performance updates, there are a lot of things that have been changed in the Microsoft Office. From Office 2007 to Office 2019, it has changed drastically and not all the times the changes were welcoming but sometimes the changes were quite interestingly confusing. Not just that, there are a lot of things that really were under the college of the Microsoft Banner that was hit, like the Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Bing and what not. Microsoft as a corporate has never taken their eye off their leading product, Office. Microsoft is really a great company and is really the one looking after their customers.

Microsoft Office was a software built earlier for with certain apps for not so professional work but as it took pace on the computers, the Microsoft took a big step of selling the Microsoft Office with the Microsoft Windows Operating system, Which unfortunately took a wrong turn and was later stopped when other companies sued Microsoft for selling the software with their OS. After the great success of Microsoft Windows. There was a great need of selling software that was good in Productivity and there was hardly any software that could possibly have the best of productivity in it. So, Microsoft already had a word processor and excel included with the Windows, they cleverly decided to take all the apps and put it in a single suite, they finally managed to compile a software that had everything in it. The Microsoft Office. Since the Beginning, Microsoft Office was a good software visually and they have managed to keep pace with the visual appearance of their software all the times. They have been making trends with their design language and the trendsetter Office is now one of the best and most complete visually looking software around the globe. Microsoft Office, on one hand, has no big and major competitors and is also leading in the availability and has different structures for both Mac and windows, the leading Operating systems. But fortunately, even after being a great software, Microsoft never lacks in the software department.

With the latest icons on the sets of Office 365, we are looking forward to having a new redesign from the Office team sooner or later this year. Maybe the changes won’t take effect immediately but will surely come in slowly and begin to come with the updates further. Microsoft has already planned to change the menu icons and has given the icons a cleaner look. But this time around Microsoft is literally making changes that can hardly be predicted, but, as we know Microsoft will do whatever is the interest of the people.