We all have to know Office for too long now, in fact, some of us have been using Office since the day it was born. An office used to be a part of the Windows operating system with very fewer apps and lesser graphics. Usually used and know for the Word, Office was infamous of having a great word processor.

Since day 1 there have been developments on how to take this suite and turn it into a good and a better version of the Office suite. But we forget to learn about the way the office was developed to be on your PC and MAC. The office was once just a program made to suffice the needs of a common man, the need to fill in a paper or to print an aligned copy of the text on a paper. The office was designed in a way, that you could make improvements to your typing or simple create better documents than what you had before. Though there was a note pad, a text processor in the Windows os there was a definite need to put software on these systems that could make these systems more powerful and usable than just a source for entertainment. The office was just the pioneering software to make these things possible, things that later changed and turned into a big competition in itself. This was really a great thing in the history of making software. There was not a big thing that Microsoft had to struggle with but the only thing that Microsoft had to struggle with, after making the Office a subscription-based software was the way they will protect the software from hackers and stealers.

The easiest way that Microsoft thought of was to give every product a serial key. this would make it pretty easy to secure the software from piracy and after the internet and office cloud program this whole process of turning the software into a Sub-based program was even easier. Microsoft has now connected its software to Cloud and they are now persistent in making their software more than ever. They have now taken all the processes of setting up Office to an online website that goes by the URL “www.office.com/setup” or simply “office.com/setup” this website will simply do it all for you. It will turn your product key and redeem it for you and then put your software download file in your account and then keep it there for you. This is a normal thing for most people but this is actually a really safe thing.